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Our Story:

Ayushi Jalan, founder, and CEO, started The Decor Remedy as a passion project a few years ago. Having grown up in an impeccably tasteful home thanks to her family, she was always surrounded by the aesthetic pleasure that home decor brings with it. The eye and inherent skill to transform a space wasn’t something she developed – it was ingrained in her.

Having studied clinical psychology, Ayushi dabbled in the field for a while but very quickly realised it wasn’t her path. She is a natural at knowing that your living space reflects who you are, what you stand for and believe in. Your home is your personal metaphor – it needs to be one with the spirit, energy, and the grain of your character, a place which lets you be, grow towards your dreams. Your home is your sanctuary and Ayushi knows how to let this exude through that space. The Decor Remedy is in its essence a believer of house proud people.

The Decor Remedy began with only 20 products under its belt. 3 years and many accolades like Good Homes Award 2019 later, the brand has over 125 products personally curated and designed by Ayushi herself.

From minimalistic, handmade accent furniture made by skilled Indian artisans to ornate pieces, The Decor Remedy has something for everyone. With quality at the heart of everything that is made under the brand’s umbrella, there is also an immense focus on supporting the local talent and craftsmanship of our Indian artisans. We’ve been #vocalforlocal before it even became a trending hashtag on Instagram!

The Decor remedy is a contemporary home decor brand that, without breaking the bank, is passionate about helping you transform your home. Do you long to get home? Does make your heart sing? Do you get that warm, fuzzy feeling when you walk in? Is your home in sync with who you are? The Decor Remedy simply ensures all of this becomes a reality for you.