Heritage Matt Gold brass urlis (Set of 2)


Urulis are considered auspicious, festive and are known to bring in good luck. They say water attracts wealth, hence urlis filled with water and decorated with flower petals and t-lights makes them perfect for any occasion. This beautiful set of Matt Gold brass urlis are embossed with a unique traditional arch pattern, which makes them perfect for festivities or anything auspicious.

You can simply fill fresh water in that bowl and place fresh flower petals in it. In the evening you can put in t-lights or floating candles can be lit and placed.

You can place them in your spiritual or worship room. They can also be placed in your living area decor with your other decorative or in entrances/balcony, it will look beautiful and will increase the calmness in the home.

They are made from 100% Pure brass with gold matt finishing which is sealed by hard laquer. Brass also has divine significance.Brass is known to act as a conductor of divine energy. Its positive vibrations help us focus on our prayers and maintain pure thoughts throughout.

Dimensions –

Small uruli 8 inches diameter, depth 3.5 inches

Big Uruli 12 inches diameter, depth 3.5 inches

Care instructions –

You can significantly increase the life of your products by taking proper care of them.

This set comes coated with lacquer that helps keep them be tarnish-free. Use a soft, moist cloth to gently clean them. Do not scrub or use detergent. Lacquer coat lasts for about 6 months in coastal areas and 2 years in other areas. After that if required for polishing “Brasso” ( a polish for Brassware) can be used. Brass oxidises on exposure to the atmosphere over time, and eventually darkens and acquires a patina, which is a charm on its own – giving it a unique antique look – You can use “Brasso” to get a new polished look when that happens.


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